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Custom Made Diamond Jewelry by Bishop Jewelry Manufacturing

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If customers are thinking about diamond rings or any type of jewelry containing diamonds, then consider custom made diamond jewelry by Bishop Jewelry Manufacturing.  They have been doing business in Dallas, Texas for nearly five decades at the same location.  They have Artisans who are graduates of the world renowned Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology and also have on-site jewelry technicians with over 55-years of experience.  With that much experience and expertise, their jewelry designers create exclusive designs specifically for their customers, for any occasion.

Custom made diamond jewelry is great if someone is a particular person, or wants a piece of jewelry that is unique and made of quality.  If that is the case, then among the best of jewels to choose from and get the most attention, are diamonds.  Customers can be assured Bishop Jewelry offers the utmost quality of diamonds, and their collections feature such styles from solitaires, princess cut, to vintage styles.  Whether customers are looking for an engagement ring, necklace, or a bracelet to bind their sincere appreciation, custom jewelry will do just that.  Bishop Jewelry has a large assortment of shapes and sizes, and many settings to choose from such as white gold, yellow gold, and platinum mountings.

Perhaps one may think custom made jewely from diamonds is an expensive choice. In most cases they are right because most custom jewelry manufacturers get their materials, like gold, silver and diamonds from a third party.  At Bishop Jewelry, their prices are very affordable because they themselves are a diamond wholesaler and eliminates the middle man, therefore, it is not necessary for them to mark up their prices with the customer.  The best thing about customers creating their own custom jewelry is that they get to choose the design, the stone, the color, everything. And since it is entirely their creation, it is a unique item.  Anything is possible when working with Bishop Jewelry Artisans to design a piece of custom jewelry.  Customers only need to use their imagination and it will be perfect.

Bishop Jewelry is confident they will succeed meeting their customer’s expectations with their artistic abilities.  They also guarantee customers will not find their custom jewelry in any department store.  Custom jewelry is just that, it is made specifically for one person, and fulfilling that person’s vision.  The intent of making it for a particular individual is what makes it custom jewelry.  Further, the internet has made purchasing custom jewelry or an engagement ring online possible, and secure. Customers can be assured that Bishop Jewelry offers an utmost secure site, and quality diamonds if they prefer ordering their custom jewelry online.

For more information about Bishop Jewelry, please visit their website at or call Pat Bishop at 214-943-2020.

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